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I'm a twenty-something Brit, living in England with my Canadian husband & our son.
Soon after getting married in 2011 I got Lyme's Disease and have been navigating life trying to keep my eyes focused on Jesus at the same time as learning to be a wife, and now Mum.  Thankfully, my health improved, after 2 years of many doctors, treatments, ...and tears and my blog is where I document the little lessons, the big dreams and the journey through this thing called life.

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If you'd like to know more of my personal story, here's where you'll find more: 

Journeying through Lyme's Disease: 
"Are you sitting comfortably - Part 1" 
"Are you sitting comfortably - Part 2"

...and through miscarriage:
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...and motherhood:
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No one said it would be easy
Doing things by the book

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Book List: 

You're Invited

Thanks for reading and coming along with me on this journey.  I hope to share honestly and openly so that you might learn and be encouraged in your own journey. Sometimes I feel there's a wide gap between Church and day-in-day-out life and this blog is a place where my hope is that you might see that gap narrow and figure out how to apply Truth in your own unique life circumstances too.

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