Friday, 22 August 2014

My Capsule Wardrobe -- take two!

Last Summer I did something called Project 333, where for 3 months I lived with just 33 items of clothing including shoes, jackets & accessories.  I'd been working on simplifying a few areas of life, and my wardrobe was next on the list.  I enjoyed the challenge and decided I'd like to work on living with a capsule wardrobe permanently.  Then I got pregnant! ha!  Through pregnancy I still knew that once I'd had the baby I wanted to return to a small, well thought out wardrobe and really put some thought into building a small selection of clothes that I liked and enjoyed wearing.  The principal behind it all is that I want to live a simple life, undistracted by things that don't really matter, so that I can concentrate on the things that do.  Since a lot of people enjoyed hearing about my project first time around, here's a little peak at what my wardrobe looks like now.  
I haven't really stuck to a set number this time, and I also won't just do it for 3 months.  I have a handful of things that will get swapped in and out for Summer/Winter, but our climate isn't really that varied from season to season!  So, it looks like this photo to the left. I do also have a shelf above with a few work t-shirts, a hoody for around the house and some workout and hiking clothes.  I'm also not including my small collection of PJs/underwear/vest tops since I don't     as they're the essentials.  I do try to keep those items to a minimum though too.

I find it refreshing to just have a few things that I really enjoy wearing and am learning to be content with not always wanting something new or different to wear.  I used to have a wardrobe full of clothes, probably 4 times the size that I do now and yet it really didn't add anything to my life.  Surprisingly I've found that I'm not getting bored with my clothes.  It's definitely been and continues to be a lesson in not comparing myself to others and not believing that what I wear is of any real importance.  The way we present ourselves does say a lot about who we are, and so it's worth giving it some thought.  Nothing says more though than being a person of character and integrity and ultimately I believe that's far more important than the way we look or what we wear... and that's a concept that's a bit "out there" in our world today!  I recently read a book called "Weird" by Craig Groeschel, that talks about how, if we're truly going to be a follower of Jesus, then we have to think beyond just what's normal in our culture so that we can live lives of purpose, intention and influence in a chaotic world. 

(There's a few others who've done something similar with their wardrobes, one of my recent favourites is @caroline_joy of  


Friday, 15 August 2014

Doing things by The Book

Motherhood is refining. I have no doubt about it. I thought marriage taught me lots. And it has and still does. The good, the bad and the truely ugly about who I really am. This week as I feel like every nap and every bedtime for Reuben has been a battle, God has been speaking to my heart. I am a big reader and a researcher. I like to know stuff. The facts. I just do. Partly this is thanks to Ken I think and his influence on me! I mostly think its a good thing. I'm a big fan of being a life long learner. The moment we stop learning is the moment we think we know it all, and that's not good! But in regard to raising Reuben it's driving me bonkers. I'm googling all kinds .. Right down to "how often should my 4 month old poo"! (Yes motherhood will do crazy things to a girl!) I'm reading parenting books, forums and blogs, just soaking it all in. But you know what? It's mostly more confusing than informing. Everyone has an opinion and a strategy. A formula for "the right way" to to do things. Yesterday, pretty much at breaking point, I sat down with THE manual for Life - My Bible - and took it all to Him. What freedom there is to know that the way we do things doesn't have to be in line with anything anyone says or thinks or does or advises... It's all about my heart being right before God - the one who knows what we're going to say or do before we even speak or act. All wisdom belongs to Him and so I think I'll be doing things by THE Book from now on...