Saturday, 31 May 2014

Life Long Learning

I listened to a great podcast yesterday while I was doing a few jobs and wanted to share it.  If you've got a spare few minutes as you drive, run, work... whatever, have a listen.

It's about life-long learning and the importance of being a reader.  I was challenged to broaden my reading horizons and to keep stretching myself.  So I've added a few new books to my reading list and am excited to dig in!  This podcast talks specifically about a book called "Entertaining ourselves to death" by Neil Postman.  I'm challenged in this area as I find it too easy to sit in front of the TV each night (especially when Britain's Got Talent is on!!) and just waste away so many hours. My books and journalling sit there unread and undone and I feel like I've achieved nothing.  So for the month of June, I'm setting myself the challenge to spend my evenings reading instead of TV watching. I'm choosing books that will help me to learn and grow in different areas - business, marriage, family, faith... I'm hoping it will be a good "reset" for me.  I think we all need that every now and again. 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Becoming a Mum... the lessons so far!

Well, since my last post there's been big changes in my life!  I have become a Mum!! Our son is now 3 weeks old and I'm loving being his Mum!  I can't help but get a little frustrated with myself though as I realise I am having to re-learn some lessons I thought I'd got under my belt already.  I guess sometimes God has to give us a refresher course!...

1. It's all about priorities
Life with a newborn is something I don't think anyone could have prepared my for.  As someone who likes to be productive and tick things of the list, I'm having to learn this one all over again. The priority right now is to feed my baby and to rest enough to have the energy to do that.  My accomplishments for the day usually boil down to not much more than that.  And that's ok.

2. I am not what I do
At the moment it's a daily battle in my mind to choose not to sneak in an hour or two of work where I can.  Living and working all in the same place has positives and negatives, but the pressure is all just what I put on myself.  As I am trying to learn to let go, I also am having to remind myself that I'm not a failure just because I'm not trying to be wonder woman!  As I think on this whole work-life thing, I've enjoyed reading a book this week called "Fat, Forty & Fired", here's a TED Talk by the author on his journey to get his life back in balance.  It's a good one:

3. Live slow, Give thanks and Soak in the moments
I actually enjoy this one and continue to remind myself each day to live slow and enjoy these days knowing that they'll fly by and be gone before I know it.  I want to drink it in and choose gratitude ... even in amongst the sometimes poop and puke filled days and sleepless nights!!


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