Friday, 13 January 2017

The Game-Changer

My first resolution or goal or whatever you want to call it is this:

**To wake up earlier for some time to read/pray/have peace and quiet before the day gets going.

 For those of you who don't know, I have a one year old and a two year old, both of whom are BUSY! Our days are full but so good. I usually like to take time while they're both napping to read and journal, sometimes with a bible study guide like the Beth Moore ones that I've been enjoying a lot recently. I know that my nap time days a numbered with my oldest though and so wanted to get into a habit I can stick to long term. Also, the days don't always get off to the best start when I'm woken up by being jumped on and pulled at and have to just hit the ground running... I'm hoping this new habit can change that. 

I recently listened to a podcast interview with Kat Lee called "The Mom Game Changer" where she talks about her Hello Mornings idea and the 3 minute morning 30 day challenge. It was so inspiring, you can listen to it here.  I've been intimidated with the thought of getting up any earlier than absolutely necessary because sleep is so. so. precious these days. This interview really helped me to feel like this goal could be an achieveable one for me, even in this season of life with little kids, and actually how it might even be the best time to start, so that I can do each day well instead of just trying to survive.

I'm already feeling the positive benefits of starting out my day this way. If you're wanting to make a change in this too, here's a few ideas and tools to inspire you...

Kat Lee - 3 minute morning 30 day challenge
Beth Moore Bible Study Guides
Lara Casey podcast interview on "Cultivate what matters"
Ann Voskamp's blog and One Thousand Gifts devotional

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