Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hygge - what's it all about ?

There's been this trend for a while now and lots of books have come out all about "Hygge" the Danish art of happiness. I'm a bit late to the party but I've just been enjoying one of those many books that I picked up recently and it had some lovely instagram-like pictures in it and looked worth a browse!

If, like me, you've somehow managed to miss the Hygge-train until now, the word is pronounced "h-ou-gir" and although we don't have a word for it in the English language it's that feeling of peace, contentment and like everything is right in the world at that given moment. It's about resting, relaxing, togetherness and being fully present.

"Its in the Hygge that I put life on pause and remember to enjoy the little things" -Lea Sommer 

I love everything about all those things, and without having had a word for it until now it's something I very much seek out for our day to day lives. Being a stay at home mum means that there's lots of routine and rhythm to our lives as we revolve around mealtimes, naptimes, bed times... eat, sleep, repeat! At times it can feel monotonous, but the antedote to all that is to slow down and and truley take in the moments. I even have a little piece of framed calligraphy on my mantle piece to remind me: "Wherever you are be all there"

"To me, hygge is a moment of letting go - a moment without limitations of time, duties, stress or distractions. A moment of love, warmth and time to gather round the small things: a card game, a book or a bath.... Hygge is that extra time I give myself to fully enjoy a special moment but at the same time something that magically happens every single day if I simply open my eyes." - Nanna Mosegaard, mother of two, Norrebro, Copenhagen 

That said, sometimes life doesn't seem so #hygge after all. Everyone knows the rat race, the stress of busyness, too much to do on too little time. There's a time to work and a time to play, and it's the rhythms of working hard and being productive with our days that make those sweet moments even sweeter.

For me, I'm naturally task oriented so it often takes a lot of discipline for me to set aside the to do list for a while to enjoy being fully present with my boys or to slow down enough to let them "help" me in my tasks and enjoy each other that way.

What would hygge be to yout?
For me it's sweatpants and reading books under a blanket with my boys, 
candles lit enjoying drinks and snacks and good chat with friends, 
cosy pjs tucked up under fresh sheets listening to the rain outside, 
eating a well earned picnic on top of a Lake District peak with my man by my side 
or enjoying a cup of good coffee and a piece of dark chocolate.... 
now those, I believe, are glimpses of eternity!

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