Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Do something about Dinner!

Hello again!  I hope you're all still where you want to be with any New Years Resolutions you've made now that January is well under way.... and if not, it's not too late, just jump back on!  If you're in need of a little inspiration, here's my third and final New Years Resolution:

**Do something about dinner!

This one might sound a bit silly in light of the "depth" of my other two, so let me explain!  Whether you call it dinner time, supper time or tea time, if you have little kids, or a job that runs late or school runs, clubs... whatever, that early evening hour or two where everyone is tired and hungry can get a bit chaotic.  (Not to mention the hanger that has been known to rear its ugly head around here!)  In our house the addition of a one-year-old finding his feet has just recently added to the pandemonium to the point that I knew something needed to change.  So, I did what any other millennial might well do... and asked for advice on Social Media!  I guess I was hoping for some kind of life hack that would take the stress out of cooking the evening meal, but still leave us with something healthy on our plates come 5:30pm.  

After weighing up some great suggestions I have decided to batch cook and freeze meals during nap times, days where the boys aren't at home, or when I have an extra pair of adult eyes to look out for them while I cook.  

So far this has been working so well.  I actually don't know why I haven't thought of or done this before!  It's meant that the evening "witching hour" isn't so witchy anymore because I can give my full attention (mostly) to the (very needy) needs of the moment.  My stress levels are lower, and I no longer dread the tea-time pandemonium.  I feel like I'm able to be more present, enjoy my boys and set the tone for a better start to the evening.  And, probably best of all from my husbands point of view, he gets to come home to the smell of good food without the frazzled wife, screaming kids and demolition-site looking home!  Win win!

If you're inspired to do something similar, here's some links to recipes that I've found work really well for this kind of batch cooking and freezing.  Enjoy! And if you try doing things this way I'd love to know any recipes you've enjoyed and how it's been making positive changes to the routine in your house too!

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