Saturday, 10 September 2016

God speaks... Not just on Sunday!

Its a good book and some deep thoughts that bring me back to the world of blogging. I've almost finished reading "Roots and Sky", by Christie Purifoy, and it's one of those books I'll be sad to turn the last page. One of those books I'm choosing to linger over and will leave many pages dog-eared. 

Lately I've been rediscovering Gods voice and relearning how He speaks, guides and directs me. I believe that He does speak to each of us individually and I believe it's a process of learning, growing, maturing and discerning that leads us to be in close and constant communication with Him.  My journey in learning to discern His voice was interrupted a few years ago when, I heard wrong and it ended in heart ache... In hind-sight I didn't hear wrong, the journey and His timing was just different than I had imagined in the midst, and so looking back, He has proved Himself faithful once again. That said, since then, I've gone through various stages and seasons of doubting, questioning whether He really does speak to me, whether I am actually capable of hearing His voice and lots of other questions and confusion in between. 

Recently, I've felt Him calling me to test Him in this. To listen. To obey. And to watch His hand at work. And it's been an amazing journey. It's in the midst of this that I'm stumbling across these words from Christie Purifoy in her book and finding they resonate with me in a new way. Having recently moved to a new home, she feels Gods gentle nudge to open her home to all her neighbours for an Easter egg hunt. Way out of her comfort zone, and yet she chooses to listen and respond.

"It seems that so much depends on listening to the quietest whispers. "How perfect this long, green avenue is for an Easter Egg hunt." And so much depends on following, even if we drag all our fears and doubts along for the wild ride. I don't think following Christ is like aiming at a tiny Bulls-eye on a diminishing target. We are not in constant danger of missing the one right road God has mapped out for us. And yet. Perhaps the mystery who first breathed life into our dusty bones is always ready and waiting to carry us over some new cliff. To draw us deeper into unknown territory and toward unimaginable things. Unforeseen gifts."

I love those words, that He is waiting to draw us deeper into the unknown and unimaginable, a potentially fearful prospect, and yet we can count it all as gifts. Amazing unforeseen gifts.

As Christie gets deeper and deeper into the planning and planting of her new garden, she finds herself listening to His voice beyond the pages of her Bible. I find myself identifying with her words again and want to share them here, but know this... I'm encouraging you to buy her book and read the whole thing, it's worth it! 

"It is late April and I have abandoned my books...even my Bible... I worry over the pendulum swing I have made since Lent. From a winter of words, in nursery catalogs and Tolkeins tales, prayer books and my Bible, to this Spring hustle of digging, planting, weeding, pruning. from contemplation with Scripture to contemplation with spade and watering can. There was a period when I would have narrowed my eyes on hearing someone say they felt closer to God outdoors than in a church. I was sure, and I am still sure, that we mostly find God in the rubbing shoulders with other, difficult people. Like ourselves. God shows up in the jagged edges between us. I believe this... I have learned how much I miss when I assume God speaks only on a Sunday morning... Pulpit words. Hymnal words. Devotional words. These aren't the only words in which to hear Gods voice...some of Gods words can never be heard unless we set aside our books, quiet our usual prayers, and look. Listen. Wait."