Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Rest in the chaos

In the front of my journal I have notes and thoughts from some quiet time spent in the first few days and weeks of this year. It's something I've purposed to do and enjoyed the process of this past few years. 2016 started with getting to grips with becoming a mum of two as we welcomed our 2nd son into the world right before Christmas.  All that in mind, I knew that my "resolutions" for 2016 needed to be realistic! You can read my post on that right before this one, as I have not actually blogged since then! with two little guys is pretty much as full as I thought it would be!

My "resolution" was this: 

Last weekend I've been thinking about this again as I stumbled upon a blog via Instagram which has totally resonated with these resolutions of mine. The bloggers' name is Terrica Joy and I'd highly recommend her most recent post on Sabbath Rest: aswell as her Instagram account @terricajoy

Sabbath is a bit of a strange word and one we don't use anymore really. Sometimes church people call Sunday the sabbath and the bible talks about it too.  I personally believe that "sabbath" is more than just a day of the week for going to church and enjoying a good roast dinner with friends and/ or family. I think "sabbath" is a principle of rest. Resting in God and enjoying His presence 7 days a week. Not just in a church building, or around a formal dinner table, but also in the trenches of everyday life - elbow deep in nappies and baby bath water, or around the conference table, in the car commuting, out for a walk, eating dinner with friends, on a play date.... You get what I'm saying. Sabbath rest is a mindset and a mentality. It's a peace and a contentment. It's a slowness and present-ness even in amongst full days and weeks. When we rest in God we recognise that there isn't a need to be always striving for recognition or power or influence or "success" or a spotless show home worthy house or the next must-have whatever. With that comes freedom. Freedom to slow down, take notice, soak in each day, count gifts and acknowledge God for them, enjoy the small seemingly insignificant moments that are actually beautiful and life-giving in and of themselves. 

Maybe that's all a bit too deep and nebulous. So here's what these resolutions have been looking like for me practically the past few months:

- using my boys nap times to sit and read/journal/rest knowing that the housework or whatever else can wait.

- prioritising play dates and visits with friends

- simple hospitality. Good food with friends + kids + sometimes a bit of chaos. It's all good

- going for walks most mornings and being present with my boys. Letting my two year old play and explore along the way rather than being on a mission to rush the time away so I can get onto the next thing.

- time in my kitchen. My happy place. Planning and cooking good food for us to enjoy as a family (see @kargskitchen on Instagram)

- starting the year off with a Bible study in the book of Daniel by Beth Moore and another one that I'll do later on in the psalms. 

- not over cramming my days. Leaving time and space to read books to R, go outside, drink coffee with my man. 

- rocking my baby to sleep, drinking in that baby smell, holding him, cuddling with him, letting him sleep on me. Napping with him from time to time and just generally enjoying this short baby season as much as I can in my sleep deprived state!

There's more, and there's also areas of my days and weeks that I still need to work on too. It's been a full six months - taking care of two boys under two as well as being in the middle of a house move and a change of job for Ken. I think the Lord really knew I needed to focus on these things so that He could bring me out through the other side of all of this in one piece! There's days I feel far from "rest", contentment, being present or living slow. Sometimes I'm frazzled, stressed, snappy with my kids and husband and just generally frantic. But for the most part, I see His hand at work giving me peace and calm and enjoyment in a season that has the potential to be full of stress and anxiety.

Rest in the chaos.

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