Saturday, 6 December 2014

Living with a Capsule Wardrobe - the details!

I'm finally getting round to a post about my Project 333/Capsule wardrobe and 33 outfits in 33 days challenge.  I was surprised by how many of you asked about it and were interested in doing something similar :)  So, I thought it might be helpful to blog about a few more specifics and also photos of most of the different outfits I got out of the 33in33 challenge which you can look back on by following me on Instagram.

I actually really enjoy having a capsule wardrobe. I originally got the idea from reading the becoming minimalist blog ( and first did it last summer when I was living in Canada. When I was pregnant I still kept a pretty minimal wardrobe and have done ever since really. I just switch a few things in and out for winter/summer. So it's not strictly project 333 as that's 33 items changing every 3 months.

I chose pretty carefully as I like to be able to mix and match a lot so it feels not too restricted. So colours that can mostly all go together, and I like to do cardigans more than jumpers as I feel it gives me more flexibility for layering with different things so that I can create different outfits with less items. I find I spill food and get puked on more on my tops so I have more tops than pants!! (Just keepin it real!)

So here's the run down which may be helpful if you're thinking of doing something similar:

1 vest/bodywarmer
1 Long Winter coat
1 rain jacket
1 thick knit cardigan that I can also wear as a light jacket
1 fleece
3 scarves (the more practical accessory for with a baby who likes to grab jewellery!! Which is why only...
1 pair earrings (plus 3 rings I never take off so I don't count those - wedding rings and one other)
1 pair boots
1 pair flats
1 handbag (plus a nappy bag which I don't count!)
3 pairs jeans
1 skirt
1 dress
1 pair heels
2 jumpers
6 cardigans
4 short sleeve tops
3 long sleeve tops

That's 33!

The things I don't count, which is by the rules of project 333 are:

- Underwear (including vest tops that I wear as undershirts/nursing vest tops)
- Pjs
- Hiking/exercise clothes (I have 2 pants and 3 tops)
- Scruffy work/lounging around the house clothes and a pair of shoes, none of which I would go out in. (I have 1 pair yoga pants, 1 hoody and about 4 t-shirts)

So here's some photos of what that looks like for my 33in33 Challenge (not quite all of them photographed here)...

I choose to create my wardrobe like this because clothing and accumulating clothing used to be a bit of an unhealthy habit and I wanted it to be more under control. I got sick of having so much stuff especially in the wardrobe area. I want to live with closer to just what I need and less excess so that I can have more time, space, money, energy for the important things and break some of the habit to accumulate stuff that creeps in so easily. 

I'd love to know/see your capsule wardrobes or project333s if you do it! 


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