Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Life to the Full

Yes, I'm still here! There's been a serious lack of blogging recently (or really anything beyond activities for basic survival) due to one teething baby that has lead to a major lack of sleep. It's been challenging to say the least, but I think we are getting a little reprieve at the moment, so I'm enjoying a return to sanity - and I think Ken is too - having a sane wife I mean!  All that to say, my baby is back to his happy self and I was able to enjoy listening to a sermon online today and wanted to share a few snippets. 

Ken and I have been thinking and talking a lot recently about what it looks like for us to walk in our faith. It's an ongoing conversation. What does it look like for us to live out the Truth that Jesus talks about. The things that we read in the Bible or hear on a Sunday in church. Because In James its says that faith without works is dead. We want to have a faith that is living, not just so that we get to enjoy true life day to day, but so that we can share with others, by hopefully showing a bit of what it might look like to actually live what we believe. Not that we always get it right, but that our heart and our desire are to put these things into practice. That's really what the purpose of this blog is. I know and have experienced in my own life, that there can be a big gap between church on a Sunday morning and the way I choose to actually live "my" life. I hope and pray that I'll always be growing in that area so that the things I believe wouldn't be just good things to talk about, but that they would be seen by the way I live my life day to day. How I love my husband, how I raise my kids, what kind of friend I am, how I work and do business, run my home, handle my possessions and finances.... All of it.

Anyways, so with all these things at the forefront of my thoughts, here's some of what I "just happened" to listen to today: 
(Might not be exact quotes or in the right order they were said - I was writing like a crazy person, pausing and rewinding to get it down, but you get the idea hopefully)

"The faith that is going to become the centre of my life is only going to become the centre of my life to the extent that I'm willing to evict other loves: love of sleep, love of other people's approval, love of comfort, love of financial security...

...there's always something in me calling me down and something in me calling me up...

...but the result of His priorities becoming my priorities? John 10:10 "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly". It's life that's abundant, not just a ticket to heaven. Really live. Be saturated with love, peace, joy, generosity, wisdom to know which way to turn every day...

It requires discipline.  There will always be something pulling us down."

You can listen to the whole thing by clicking here and listening to "Called to Participate" part of the Cascading series. 

That verse from John 10:10 used to always have me puzzled - frustrated and yet wanting more all at the same time, because I couldn't see how my going-to-church and reading-my-bible "good-girl" faith, could ever be called "abundant life" or "life to the full"... But now I'm beginning to see.  As I let go of the things that I think are valuable, the things I think I need, and choose to get involved in God's story and what He's doing... That's Life.

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