Friday, 22 August 2014

My Capsule Wardrobe -- take two!

Last Summer I did something called Project 333, where for 3 months I lived with just 33 items of clothing including shoes, jackets & accessories.  I'd been working on simplifying a few areas of life, and my wardrobe was next on the list.  I enjoyed the challenge and decided I'd like to work on living with a capsule wardrobe permanently.  Then I got pregnant! ha!  Through pregnancy I still knew that once I'd had the baby I wanted to return to a small, well thought out wardrobe and really put some thought into building a small selection of clothes that I liked and enjoyed wearing.  The principal behind it all is that I want to live a simple life, undistracted by things that don't really matter, so that I can concentrate on the things that do.  Since a lot of people enjoyed hearing about my project first time around, here's a little peak at what my wardrobe looks like now.  
I haven't really stuck to a set number this time, and I also won't just do it for 3 months.  I have a handful of things that will get swapped in and out for Summer/Winter, but our climate isn't really that varied from season to season!  So, it looks like this photo to the left. I do also have a shelf above with a few work t-shirts, a hoody for around the house and some workout and hiking clothes.  I'm also not including my small collection of PJs/underwear/vest tops since I don't     as they're the essentials.  I do try to keep those items to a minimum though too.

I find it refreshing to just have a few things that I really enjoy wearing and am learning to be content with not always wanting something new or different to wear.  I used to have a wardrobe full of clothes, probably 4 times the size that I do now and yet it really didn't add anything to my life.  Surprisingly I've found that I'm not getting bored with my clothes.  It's definitely been and continues to be a lesson in not comparing myself to others and not believing that what I wear is of any real importance.  The way we present ourselves does say a lot about who we are, and so it's worth giving it some thought.  Nothing says more though than being a person of character and integrity and ultimately I believe that's far more important than the way we look or what we wear... and that's a concept that's a bit "out there" in our world today!  I recently read a book called "Weird" by Craig Groeschel, that talks about how, if we're truly going to be a follower of Jesus, then we have to think beyond just what's normal in our culture so that we can live lives of purpose, intention and influence in a chaotic world. 

(There's a few others who've done something similar with their wardrobes, one of my recent favourites is @caroline_joy of  


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