Friday, 15 August 2014

Doing things by The Book

Motherhood is refining. I have no doubt about it. I thought marriage taught me lots. And it has and still does. The good, the bad and the truely ugly about who I really am. This week as I feel like every nap and every bedtime for Reuben has been a battle, God has been speaking to my heart. I am a big reader and a researcher. I like to know stuff. The facts. I just do. Partly this is thanks to Ken I think and his influence on me! I mostly think its a good thing. I'm a big fan of being a life long learner. The moment we stop learning is the moment we think we know it all, and that's not good! But in regard to raising Reuben it's driving me bonkers. I'm googling all kinds .. Right down to "how often should my 4 month old poo"! (Yes motherhood will do crazy things to a girl!) I'm reading parenting books, forums and blogs, just soaking it all in. But you know what? It's mostly more confusing than informing. Everyone has an opinion and a strategy. A formula for "the right way" to to do things. Yesterday, pretty much at breaking point, I sat down with THE manual for Life - My Bible - and took it all to Him. What freedom there is to know that the way we do things doesn't have to be in line with anything anyone says or thinks or does or advises... It's all about my heart being right before God - the one who knows what we're going to say or do before we even speak or act. All wisdom belongs to Him and so I think I'll be doing things by THE Book from now on...


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