Saturday, 31 May 2014

Life Long Learning

I listened to a great podcast yesterday while I was doing a few jobs and wanted to share it.  If you've got a spare few minutes as you drive, run, work... whatever, have a listen.

It's about life-long learning and the importance of being a reader.  I was challenged to broaden my reading horizons and to keep stretching myself.  So I've added a few new books to my reading list and am excited to dig in!  This podcast talks specifically about a book called "Entertaining ourselves to death" by Neil Postman.  I'm challenged in this area as I find it too easy to sit in front of the TV each night (especially when Britain's Got Talent is on!!) and just waste away so many hours. My books and journalling sit there unread and undone and I feel like I've achieved nothing.  So for the month of June, I'm setting myself the challenge to spend my evenings reading instead of TV watching. I'm choosing books that will help me to learn and grow in different areas - business, marriage, family, faith... I'm hoping it will be a good "reset" for me.  I think we all need that every now and again. 


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