Thursday, 2 January 2014

Anticipation meets the Unknown

Happy New Year!  Time has flown and another year is gone... wow! It's been fun to look back over the year as we put together our year's photo album, and re-live the good times and memories with friends and family.  The year has been full of ups and downs but I'm able to look back and be thankful for it all.  That was the theme for the year last year; giving thanks, and definitely a mind-set I'd like to keep hold of for this year too.  

Now though, there's a New Year ahead, hopes, goals, resolutions and anticipation.  Anticipation for the arrival of our baby is pretty high on the list, but what else will this year hold I wonder?

I'm not a fan of the unknown, as you might know, and really do find a lot of security in certainty and a well followed plan!  I'm learning though that pretty much nothing is certain, and that's sometimes scary to me.  I do know though that God will continue to grow and refine me through each circumstance as I let Him, and I think that has to be the ultimate goal.  We can remain mouldable and open-hearted, or we can curl up tight and refuse to accept His hand in our lives.  I've been in both 'camps' at one time or another and know where I'd rather be.  

So this year, looking ahead there's a mix of anticipation and fear of the unknown, but one thing's certain... I know Who's beside me every step of the way and am very thankful for that!


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