Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The End of 33

Maybe you're wondering how my Project 333 has ended?  It's the end of my 3 month experiment to sift through my wardrobe and skinny it down to 33 items of clothing, shoes and accessories to live with for 3 months.  

It was a bit of a challenge.  Firstly, because I'm so clumsy that I seem to attract dirt to my clothes very easily, meaning that laundry had to happen a bit more often than usual!  Secondly, because I didn't plan things that well so that I could have a wardrobe where everything matched with everything.  I felt the restriction but that was a good thing.  

After a while, I got used to the simplicity and found it far easier to decide what to wear each day.  I didn't feel a pull of temptation when I went anywhere near a clothes shop and the best thing?...


That's what I want to take away the most from this whole thing.  I am not lacking in anything - wardrobe or otherwise.  So often I  know I am less than content, especially when it comes to "stuff".

So, yes, I did stick with it all the way until I arrived in England, so in the end it was a 2 and a half month experiment.  The reason I stopped 2 weeks early was because my t-shirts and shorts that were perfect for the Canadian Summer just weren't going to cut it here on this blustery hillside in Northern England!  So, I do admit to re-introducing some warmer clothes, pretty fast!

Did any of you try it?  Were you inspired to go through your own things with a critical eye of what you really need and use?  

My next challenge is to continue living with what I need only and to not accumulate stuff.  I think you'll agree that that's easier said than done.  My biggest struggle is definitely in the wardrobe department and so I will be setting myself some permanent boundaries I think.  How about you?

Can I still say:
With love from "across the water"??  
I'm still across the water to a lot of you!!  Just on the other side now!


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  1. You are still across the water for me! (Until next week :) ). Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

    ~Beth xx