Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The End of 33

Maybe you're wondering how my Project 333 has ended?  It's the end of my 3 month experiment to sift through my wardrobe and skinny it down to 33 items of clothing, shoes and accessories to live with for 3 months.  

It was a bit of a challenge.  Firstly, because I'm so clumsy that I seem to attract dirt to my clothes very easily, meaning that laundry had to happen a bit more often than usual!  Secondly, because I didn't plan things that well so that I could have a wardrobe where everything matched with everything.  I felt the restriction but that was a good thing.  

After a while, I got used to the simplicity and found it far easier to decide what to wear each day.  I didn't feel a pull of temptation when I went anywhere near a clothes shop and the best thing?...


That's what I want to take away the most from this whole thing.  I am not lacking in anything - wardrobe or otherwise.  So often I  know I am less than content, especially when it comes to "stuff".

So, yes, I did stick with it all the way until I arrived in England, so in the end it was a 2 and a half month experiment.  The reason I stopped 2 weeks early was because my t-shirts and shorts that were perfect for the Canadian Summer just weren't going to cut it here on this blustery hillside in Northern England!  So, I do admit to re-introducing some warmer clothes, pretty fast!

Did any of you try it?  Were you inspired to go through your own things with a critical eye of what you really need and use?  

My next challenge is to continue living with what I need only and to not accumulate stuff.  I think you'll agree that that's easier said than done.  My biggest struggle is definitely in the wardrobe department and so I will be setting myself some permanent boundaries I think.  How about you?

Can I still say:
With love from "across the water"??  
I'm still across the water to a lot of you!!  Just on the other side now!


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Friday, 20 September 2013

We're Here!

Safe and sound!  We're here in (not-so) sunny England!  It's so good to be back with the fam and we're slowly unpacking and settling in.  Shame our bodies still think we're in Canada and that makes trying to sleep at normal hours quite interesting!

There's lots to learn and so many little details to take care of as we've moved across the globe... there's a lot of lists happening around here!

Our train ride was fantastic - more on that coming soon...

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Savour September

Wow.  Last week I read a blog post that pretty much shouted a few home truths at me that I think God has been trying to get into my head and heart for a while.  

What hit me was the reminder to Savour the moment.  

"Savour: To enjoy something completely"

Do you find yourself, like me, letting fears ruin the enjoyment of today?  Do you worry or wrestle in discontentment until there's no joy left?  Are you just passing time, waiting for the next thing?.... not really savouring anything?

I don't know about you, but I am a big sweet tooth!  I make sure that when a desert of any kind is in front of me that I enjoy every moment.  I take tiny bites and taste each piece right down to the last crumb.  Isn't that what it means to savour something?  To enjoy something completely.

I want to learn to really savour life.  For me that means to not get ahead of myself.  To enjoy what's in front of me instead of always looking ahead.  It means not being afraid of the unknown but finding joy in today.  And it certainly means slowing down, looking around and noticing the small things that might otherwise get missed.  The little things that we can always choose to be thankful for, to enjoy completely and to savour, no matter what.


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