Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Social Media Time Out!

I love pinterest!  Looking at beautiful photos, creative ideas and delicious food is really inspiring to me.  I'm inspired by pictures far more than words.  Instagram has to be a close second but pinterest is my favourite.  

Social Media is good and I think it's useful and helpful for lots of things.  I plan meals with it, choose birthday gifts, keep in contact with friends Continents away, and see family and friends get married, move house and have children.  But is it all good?

Do you sometimes come away from the screen feeling dissatisfied with the clothes you own? Or with your plans for a small camping holiday instead of touring Europe like you were just vicariously living through your favourite blogger?  Maybe there's a lack of contentment in your heart as you scroll through photographs of a friend's wedding, because you are yet to meet "Mr. Right", or because your wedding was no where near as elaborate.  Sometimes these good things can also breed in us a lack of contentment, jealousy and comparing ourselves with others, thinking that the life we have isn't quite good enough. 

Now and then I fall into this trap.  I was recently inspired by another blogger to take breaks from Social Media as part of my weekly routine.  So for this month I'm having Social Media free weekends, and I'm going to see how it feels.  So far on the days I've actually remembered to do it, I find myself going against what has become instinct to click through photos, scroll down status updates, check messages, and browse pinterest.  

I think this is going to be a good habit to break and to choose to remind myself to be fully present in the things that are before me every day.

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