Thursday, 29 August 2013

Gratitude Devotional = Food for my Soul!

 Have you read Ann Voskamp's book 1000 gifts yet?  If you haven't I'd recommend it if you're looking for an encouragement and especially if you're working through some hard stuff and need a reminder to give thanks in the midst.

As a going away gift from the staff here I was given the One Thousand Gifts devotional.  I was so excited to receive it as I'm still journaling my own way to One Thousand Gifts.  You also might remember that my theme for this year seems to be thanksgiving.

The devotional is food for my soul.  I wanted to share a little section with you and hope that it encourages you in whatever today holds, and perhaps you'll just go out and buy the book so you can start the day off the same way I do these days: Bible. Devo. Gratitude Journal.  It puts my heart in the right place ready for whatever God brings.

" The year I was four, my sister was crushed under the wheels of a truck in our driveway.  That is my first memory, the day Aimee was killed.  Fears have formed me....The answer to anxiety is always to exalt Christ.  Calvin said that.  "If we compare a hawk with the residue of the whole world, it is nothing.  And yet if so small a portion of God's work ought to ravish us and amaze us, what ought all His works do when we come to the full numbering of them?"  Ravish and amaze?  Did Calvin number too?  Come to the full numbering, the one thousand, the endless numbering of the infinate grace of God?  My pen is on the counter... Doesn't my world also stablilize when I rejoice in Your works?  Cause me to remember it today, Lord: adore Christ to combat anxiety." - Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts Devotional 
Do you notice that when you choose to be thankful you're less anxious?  What do you do to practice gratitude in your life?  I'd love to hear your ideas.

Love from Across the Water

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