Thursday, 22 August 2013

August Update!

We're counting down the days here until our big move.  We're packing and cleaning and tidying and finding new homes for lots of our things that we weren't able to move with us to England.  It's busy, sometimes overwhelming, but definitely very exciting. The goodbyes are sad, but these last days here are fun and we're squeezing out every drop of sunshine that we can!  

For those we're leaving behind I'm thankful to so many who have become like family to me.  A hug, a chat, a cup of tea, even gifts of homemade soup and baked goodies for Ken when I wasn't up to slaving over a hot stove! ;)  

To those we're returning to I'm excited for the new adventures.  For sitting face-to-face and catching up, cuddling new babies, re-living old memories and making new ones... let the adventures continue! :)


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