Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wasting Time?

Another week has come and gone, and this week I'm reminded to make the most of my time.  It's only a matter of weeks now before we make our move to England and I'm getting EXCITED!!  At the same time, I don't want to just wish away the days that are left here, but I do find myself struggling to make the most of what's left.

In a transition time it's easy to see the struggle, but I think it's always there.  I read a great blogger this week that talks about "the pillow test" being her mark of whether she spent her time wisely that day.  She's self-employed and so has the full control of her schedule.  When her head hits the pillow she does a quick check of the day, holding herself accountable to how she spent her time.  She recently took a contentment challenge (take a look here) which I loved reading about as it's similar to my Project 333.  Another of my new favourite bloggers, Katie O'Keefe, just took the challenge too - you can read her story here.  

In the midst of reading these other ladies' experiences of learning to be content, I'm spurred on in my own journey to be content, live in the moment and be intentional with every day, remembering that it is a GIFT. 

So, I'm back to it.  Setting goals for the next few weeks and months to remind myself that if I'm intentional, dream big and seek God for His wisdom in my days, through Him, I can accomplish great things.  The days will not be wasted!


Updated August 1:  Just found this video and it's so applicable to my blog post that I'm adding it here for you to enjoy too... think I'll add this book to my reading list!!

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