Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Generosity is Life-Giving. Here's why.

We all love to receive a gift.  I've been blessed to receive many gifts over the last few months: the gift of a home-cooked meal, a financial gift, the gift of a clean home, a swept deck or a hug and a prayer.  I believe that community is also a gift in itself.

Generosity though is also a gift all of it's own.  And here's why I think that as much as it's a blessing to receive, the bigger blessing is in the giving:

1. We regard someone else as being more important than ourselves.  The money could have been used by ourself, or we could hold onto that item we don't use, but instead, choosing to give shows a preference for their needs above our own.

2. We learn to let go.  Our money, our time, our stuff doesn't really belong to us anyway.  What a freeing thing it is to acknowledge that by giving it away. 

3. We show that we care.  Actions can speak a thousand words.  

4. We become satisfied with what we have.  As we choose to live a little more open-handedly, we learn that more often than not, our holding on to things wasn't doing us any favours.

5. We recognize that people are more important than possessions. New friendships can blossom and old ones be strengthened all in a simple act of giving.

So, what is it that you could give to someone today?  A date night as a couple while you watch their kids?  A clean house?  A cup of coffee?  A kind word?  

Acts 20:35b "...the Lord Jesus Himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive"

Have you found this to be true in your life? 

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