Friday, 31 May 2013

Rebuilding from the ground up

Do you remember the children's story about the three little pigs?  I was reminded of it last weekend.  You know the one when the wolf "huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down" that belonged to pig number one, because he had build with straw.  Pig number 2 had built with sticks so his house didn't survive either.  But Pig number 3 had built his house with bricks so all 3 pigs ended up safe and sound within it's walls.... happily ever after I'm sure!  Just like all good children's stories!

Between that story, and a conversation with a friend this week I'm realizing that I'm being given an opportunity to re-build life from the ground up.  A bit like re-building a house.  Life sometimes gets flipped upside down on us and at first it might seem like a disaster.  But maybe it's not.  

When things seem to have fallen apart, be it health, or family, or career or finances it can feel like the rug got whipped out from underneath us!  Maybe you know the feeling?!  Perhaps though, once the dust has settled; the heartache, the struggle, the shock at finding ourselves in that situation... perhaps there's a silver lining.  I'm not saying that it's an easy process, I'm saying maybe we have a choice in how we'll handle "the aftermath."  

Hopefully Little Piggy number 1 and Little Piggy number 2 learned their lesson and went back and re-built their house with bricks.  For us it might not be that simple.  The lessons to learn might be a little less obvious.  We might have to dig a bit to find them.  I'd say it's worth it.  Worth the time to take stock.  To re-evaluate.  To learn from any mistakes we may have made and choose to do things differently next time.  

Maybe this chance to start afresh is actually a blessing in disguise

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