Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Inspired! say no!

I just recently found an amazing blog and I'm totally inspired!  Maybe you've heard of  I just listened to her on Erik Fisher's "Beyond the to do List" podcast.  Her name is Chrystal Paine and she blogs on all kinds of things from saving money to how to make your day more productive.  Her blog even helped them to pay her husband's way through law school... and she home-schools her three kids!

Some of the things she talked about in her podcast interview with Erik Fisher was how she does it, and what her daily routine looks like so that she can fit everything in.  She says Stress is a choice: learn to expect the unexpected! .  Those things stuck with me.  I expect things to go smoothly and then when they don't I get stressed!  She too has a time where her full-on life style took it's toll on her health and her relationships too.  She took 6 months to fully recover...  Her husband told her that she was the problem and that she needed to learn to say no!  Hmmm that sounds familiar!  I think I could learn a lot from this lady!  Are you a "yes" person too?  How have you learned to say no so that you're not so overloaded?  I'd love to hear your words of wisdom on this one :)

I'm really learning that at the moment.  Saying no to some things means that we can take care of ourselves so we can be more helpful and energized for the things we say yes to, or those we're already committed to.  

Some other things that were inspiring to me were how her parents taught her to dream big, and that she and her husband set goals for every area of their lives at the beginning of each year.  I love it!  That's helped her to become more disciplined and productive, making the most of her time.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts.  I'm excited to have found a way for you all to comment on my blog without having to login!  Try it below! :)

Love from across the water

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  1. This is so great vicki! I'm definitely a "yes" type person. Sometimes I even volunteer my "yes"s before anyone asks..."because someone needed to do it". A lot of times I regret it afterwards... ;) can't wait to see you guts soon! Xx