Wednesday, 1 May 2013

An open book

Our house is slowly emptying out!  We did a bit of a "practice pack" this week to make sure the rest of our belongings, that won't be going in the crate, will fit into suitcases.  Needless to say, our bedroom looked like a complete bomb site as it turned into our make shift "packing station!"  Ah yes, I am learning to be ok with living in chaos.  And that's a big stretch for this "everything-has-it's-place" girl!

Last week I was asked to tell my testimony to the students - the story of what God has done in my life.  As I prepared, I wondered where I should start!  So much has been going on, as you all know if you've been reading my blog!!  I knew if I shared the full story I would probably cry... and crying in public isn't my favourite thing to do!  It's probably not yours either?!  That said though, I also didn't want to skim over things just to save face.  God has brought us through some pretty tough stuff these last few months, but He HAS brought us through.  

I thought it was important to share.  God is our protector, but He doesn't always protect us.  Even though He's able to.  He let's us go through the fire sometimes so that we'll come out the other side a little bit more refined, and stronger for it.  

Too often there's a perception that once someone believes in God they sail through life with this Big Unseen God guarding them and protecting them from all things uncomfortable.  Not true.  We grow in the hard times - so we'd be pretty immature if we went through life wrapped in cotton wool... not that I haven't wished for that sometimes!!

How important then to learn to live transparent in front of those around us.  Weak, imperfect, and figuring out life together.

So, yes, I did share with the students the ups and downs of life so far, and yes, I did cry... but if it helps someone else to see that we're all in this together, then I think I played my part.


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