Tuesday, 28 May 2013

7 Reasons why Less is More

This last month we've been forced into living with less.  Our home is starting to head towards minimalism as many of our things have now been shipped off to England ready for us to join them there in September!  

I actually enjoyed the process of packing what we wanted to keep, giving away what we don't need and throwing out the junk we've accumulated.  There's less to clean around now and our house feels more organized and simple.  Add that to the fact that I've had more energy to clean the house and bring some order to things, it's feeling great to get back to a more normal routine. Inspiration has also come my way from some other bloggers such as: organized jen, becoming minimalist and a bowl full of lemons.

Having not missed any (well...most) of the stuff that's been packed off to Old Blighty, it got me thinking about how I can continue this on in my life.  If you've read my Bucket List/Life Goals posts, you'll know that my "Use it or Lose it" goal is one thing I'm hoping will keep on helping me to live simply in the amount of things I own.  

Less really is more!  Here's some of the things I've learned, hope to experience, and want to be motivated by:

1. Less stuff means more space.  
Clutter for me is stressful.  I find a clean ordered room more relaxing.  How about you?

2. Less clothes means more focus on what's really important.
Less time deliberating over what to wear or how I will look and hopefully realizing that the state of my heart is more important than the state of my wardrobe.  Choosing a full heart over a full wardrobe!

3. Less clutter means more time.
I wonder how much time we spend organizing and tidying and cleaning around things we don't really use?  

4. Less TV means more reading.
The more I read the more I want to make time to read more.  It helps us grow and learn and I always feel like I'm spending my time more wisely reading than I do when I watch TV.  

5. Less food means more health.
To steal the words of Michael Pollan: Eat Food. Not too much.  Mostly Plants.

6. Less time on the insignificant means more time for the significant.
Living with Lyme's Disease this past 18months or so has helped me re-evaluate what's important and what's not.  This will look different for everyone and in different seasons of life, but I think it's important to be intentional about where we spend our time.

7. Less "wants" means more "thanks"
This is the most important one I think.  In a world that's desperate for more and yet never satisfied, it seems to be a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction.  This year has been a reminder to me to be thankful for what I do have instead of wanting more, or just wanting the next thing.  

I also want to share with you a post from the blog of a Pastor named Joshua Becker who has been trying to de clutter and simplify his life for the last 5 years: "5 Life-Giving Truths, from 5 Years of Living with Less."  

In what areas of your life have you learned that "Less is more", I'd love to hear and learn from you!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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