Thursday, 28 March 2013

Appointment Update

Hi Everyone!

Spring is here on this little island and I am LOVING it!  It's getting me excited for Summer... I can't wait!  I went a bit crazy and made a little banner to put up in my house this week to celebrate :)

So, you'll remember that I had my big appointment in Vancouver a few weeks ago.  It went really well.  It was definitely an intense 2 hour appointment.  By the end of it I really couldn't absorb anymore information, so I'm glad Ken was with me as a second pair of ears... and a second brain for that matter as apparently mine had gone to mush!

The Dr. has taken me off the antibiotics now that I've been on since last September.  He said since they haven't been doing anything to improve my health it shows him that we're not going to get anywhere until my immune system is in better shape.  The antibiotics can do their thing, but if my immune system isn't in working order then it's not gonna work. 

From my symptoms, tests, and medical history he reckons we're dealing with more than just Lyme.  He suspects some other bacterial infections (some Lyme related, some not)and hormonal imbalances along with the Lyme are flooding my system.  It's more than my immune system can handle. 

The good news is that this is his area of expertise.  He's able to take my issues, one at a time and work away at them until they're gone.  The Lyme is the tricky one that no one really knows how to get rid of as it changes and hides in different forms making it difficult to kill off completely.  So, the theory is that by getting rid of my other problems, my immune system might just be able to do the rest itself!?!  If it doesn't, I'll be on another protocol to "re-boot" my immune system... that would be a bit of a long-haul so we're hoping and praying my body can do it's thing without that.

All in all, we were shocked at how simple he made it all sound.  He said there's a good chance I'll be feeling a lot better pretty quickly... and I already am!  Apparently just throwing anti-biotics at me wasn't that helpful in his eyes.  We're just thankful to have the help we need to get on the right track!
Thanks for checking in, thinking of us, praying for us, and for those of you who've already been asking for little updates on how  it went :)

Lots of love from across the water!


  1. Great! PTL! glad to know about the appointment went well and you are doing a bit better.

    Will keep think about you and pray for you.