Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Becoming a Bookworm...

I seem to have become a bookworm!  These days I'm regularly seen scoping out the shelves of our little island library, snooping my fellow bookworm friends pinterest accounts for ideas of my next read and I've even rearranged our house to suit my new obsession!  My books are now proudly on show, no longer shoved in baskets, they're neatly rowed up on the bookshelf above our couch, inspiring me and calling me to pick up and read!  

Maybe my new found love comes from a new level of concentration that actually enables me to read... something that hasn't been there for a good many months.  Yes, I'm enjoying having that portion of my brain back and hope that those Lyme bugs stay out of there for good so I can keep enjoying my books :)

Anyway, so this week I was reminded of a section in a book I read quite a while ago and so today I've had to find it and re-read that chapter.  As I read, these words are speaking right to my heart as I realize this is the exact thing that God's been teaching me... re-teaching me... this week:

"I'm the type of person, you see, who rushes ahead, who often just goes through the motions of any current activity on my way to the next one.  My heart and my body haven't always been good at sharing the same space.  Instead of relishing each moment, each year, each opportunity, each step on the journey, I'm constantly overeager to get to the next thing... I'm rarely satisfied in full with my present station."

"...I hadn't really been in attendance for large portions of my life... I was present for all those years of my life as a student, a wife, a mom - a woman - and yet there was so little I could really remember, few emotions I could recall that accompanied some of the events of life.  Why?  Because I'd been there, but I hadn't really been there."

"...I realized this feeling had a name: discontentment.  He shows up at your doorstep just like mine, eager to step inside and make himself at home.  But instead of only coming for short visits on rare occasion, he refuses to leave, spreading his baggage everywhere, filling up corners of your space that you thought you'd locked up to this odious intruder.  He comes.  He lingers.... Then before you know it, you've missed out on the joys of the journey, the growth that comes from battling through difficulties, the sweet joy and savory experience of creating memories..."  - Priscilla Shirer

I've had this "visitor", "coming for short visits on rare occasion", he's been with me again recently and I've decided it's time to kick him out!  What a great reminder to let go and enjoy life!  

True godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. - 1 Timothy 6:6

I get asked a lot what I do with my time while I've not been able to be my usual active-run-around-self... so now you know... I read! and I've also been making these cards! 

Love to you all from across the water xxx

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