Saturday, 3 November 2012

November Appointment Update


Yesterday I had my appointment with the Internal Medicine Specialist.  All went well.  We're amazed at how open-minded he is, when, in the Lyme world, it can often take a long time to even find a doctor who's willing to treat for Lyme's Disease.  I know of someone who went through about 40 doctors and naturopathic doctors in her search to get well!

So, that's an answer to prayer in itself, for all of you who are praying for me.  Thank you.  We have 2 great doctors on our side!

I've now been on high dose antibiotic treatment for 2 months, with a couple of different concoctions, but we've yet to see much, if any improvement in my health and symptoms.  The Internist yesterday had been doing some research of his own and suggested we try a different antibiotic; one that we had been recommended by a Doctor in Germany that we're also in contact with.  It's one that better attacks later stage Lyme Disease and so I think it will be good to try something different, but I'm a little nervous.  This antibiotic can't be taken orally, and so I'll have to have it by IV every day.  Living on an island, my options of how we can do this are a little more complicated as a trip to the hospital each day would be about a 4 hour round trip!  So, I can have a small 3-4" line put into my forearm which would have to be changed every 4 days.  Or, I can choose to have an IV line running from my wrist and up into my heart.  This will only need to be changed every month or so and so I wouldn't have to make all those trips to the hospital.  We have a month to decide while I finish up the round of antibiotics I'm currently taking.  Please pray that we'd know the right option and that a new tactic of treatment will start to make some headway.  

On the plus side... he said he doesn't think it's necessary for me to have a spinal tap done as it won't really give us any new information.  Phew!  Dodged that one! :)

The Specialist also ordered some more blood tests for me to get checked for co-infections.  Ticks don't only carry Lyme's Disease but can carry a whole host of other bacterial infections too, called co-infections.  It will take about 3 weeks for the results to come in and so in the mean time... we're going on holidays!!  :)

Thanks for reading and for your thoughts and prayers.  As always, it's so good to know we have the support of friends and family all over the map... literally!!

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