Saturday, 20 October 2012

Are you sitting comfortably?...part 2 - The results

August 2012

After a mistake at the lab that drew my blood, we finally got my Lyme test results back from iGenix in the US.  It was positive.  We were pretty shocked.  My Naturopath said my results showed the strongest positive she's ever seen and when she called the lab technician at iGenix, she said it's one of the strongest positives she's seen in quite a while too.  

And so the journey began.  More research.  More Doctors.  More Medication.  But we were so thankful to have found what's going on with my body and to have a new direction to head in that will hopefully lead to bringing me back to full health.

Lyme Disease can be controversial and so we're counting our blessings in having more than one doctor that is willing to work with us in treating it.  A lot still rests on us to research and choose what we want to do as our doctors don't have a lot of experience in treating it for themselves.  There's a lot of positives and negatives to that!  

I'm definitely thankful to have a husband who loves to learn and loves to research and is putting those skills to good use right now on my behalf!  I'm also thankful to know that God is still in control, and knows exactly what He's doing, even if we don't!

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